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Odroid C1
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Author:  jhodges [ Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:54 am ]
Post subject:  Odroid C1

Odroid C1 is recent SoC from Hardkernel in Korea, quadcore 1.5GHz $35, runs Ubuntu or Android.

We finally got it to boot after several failures. The trick was the right SDcard--only maybe 10% of all cards work--and two simple edits to the boot.ini file. The card that worked was SanDisk Ultra 64Gb micro SDXC I U1. The US distributor says SanDisk SDSDQAD-016G. Staples stocks the SDSDQUP016GA46A for $15; I hope to try one today.

Kudos to the US distributor: He charges $37 for the C1, $2 more than Korea, but ships from Northern California in a USPS flat-rate box for $6. Adding a $6 wallwart and $4 heatsink raised shipping to $6.45. [compare MCM, who now charges $10 to ship one RasPi-2, $16 for two, by postoffice*] Ordered online Thu 5 Feb, received Mon 9 Feb. He appears to be a guy, blechnowsky~gmail, who owns a small computer repair business, Respectech, at the same address, 245 E Perkins in Ukiah, CA.

Hardkernel in Korea rejected my web order the day after I placed it, saying they had trouble with US postoffice shipments getting lost. That was $35 for the C1, but $9 e-packet shipping ($25 for two!) and expected to take 2-3 weeks to come, as Randy's U3's did. All told, the US rep was a dime cheaper.

The image from Korea boots to a Kubuntu 14.04 GUI. The download took 2 hours, unzipped to 4Gb, flashed in 7 minutes using Win32DiskImager. It contains "TheGimp" graphics editor preloaded!

I fear the eMMC module they like is a bust. It's $40 for 16Gb, and may be a Hardkernel proprietary design. I suspect most of us lack a means to flash one from a download, which means you must buy it preloaded from ameridroid. And the R/W speeds look scarcely better than recent fancy SDcards. Still, I'd like to know if anyone thinks an Odroid booted from SDcard could be used to flash an eMMC.

*It does look like a few of us can share an order of 7 RasPi-2 from Newark, and pay net shipping of $2 per board.

Author:  jhodges [ Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Odroid C1

Staples didn't have the 16Gb SanDisk as the web claimed, so I bought 32Gb SDSDQUP-032G-AA "UltraPlus U1 C10" 48Mb/sec read for $23. It's working fine in Odroid C1.

So the painless way to do Odroid is order the $15 preloaded Sandisk SDSDQAD-016G from along with the C1.

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